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Make Apron from Old Jeans


Another day, another apron.

The day after I gave the messenger bag to Little One’s teacher, her teaching assistant told me how much he liked it. He’s the sort of guy who’s always very helpful and, incidentally, the only male teaching assistant in school. I have to say that I’m glad Little One has both male and female influences in the classroom. He likes to say that his teacher is his school mummy, and the teaching assistant his school daddy.

And now that I’ve found what would make a suitable gift for a guy, another apron was on its way! As it happens, the teaching assistant is a denim fan. Which made my job simpler.

I started with the usual sketch.Fotor_146782462694547

I won’t be showing a step-by-step today as it’s made more or less the same way as the last apron. But here are some pictures.

The top of bib and neck strap …2016-07-02 10.02.212016-07-02 10.02.57

The waist ties …20160701_094008Fotor_146782620243499

On the reverse, the seams covered with grosgrain ribbon.20160701_145909_Richtone(HDR).jpg

The six pockets!20160701_093445Fotor_14678273260815

Appliqué of his initial on pocket.20160701_093723.jpg

Apron all done! Thought I’d have a bit of a denim fest. Denim apron on denim on denim. Aahh … satisfaction.Fotor_146782817498531

Let’s wrap it up …Fotor_146737753040514

And a big thank you for taking care of Little One all year.Fotor_146737622429990

Hope it’ll come in handy for those summer barbecues.

Speaking of summer, we’re now holidaying in Greece. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I brought along my sewing machine! No promises but … if I manage to sneak in some sewing, I’ll definitely share them here. Goes without saying, that’d make me …



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